Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We had so much fun this month!! Of course, we loved celebrating Taylor's first birthday. And the Halloween festivities gave us priceless memories and SO MANY PICTURES!!!

One afternoon, Taylor and I went to the pumpkin patch with Aunt Sarah and Braylin. Unfortunately, the pumpkins had already been picked through, but we were able to get some cute shots.

Wednesday before Halloween, Ray and I took Taylor to Pumpkin Shine on Line. Gammie, PopPop, Aunt Sarah and Braylin met us there. The girls rode around in the wagon, admiring the jack-o-lanterns....those glowing and those painted alike.
And, then, the big night arrived....HALLOWEEN!!! Taylor was a ladybug! She loved her costume!! And she did pretty durn good with trick or treating! Taylor couldn't seem to keep her shoes on. So, I would carry her up to the doorstep where she would stand, usually holding candy and not her bag, and smile a big 'ole smile. At one point, I noticed she was gnawing on a wrapped Snickers in her hand. Come to find out, Taylor had opened a small hole and sucked out the candy bar, bit by bit.