Thursday, March 31, 2011


Last Thursday was a beautiful day, warm weather and plenty of sunshine. After a fun day at Mother's Day Out, Taylor and I went to play at GayGay and GaGa's house. It didn't take long for Taylor to decide that she wanted to enjoy the weather outside. So, GaGa took her out back where there was plenty to entertain her.

Taylor and GaGa enjoyed some shade on the porch swing...
The walked all the way to the back fence (you would have to see their back yard to understand what a feat this is for an 18 month old) to pick some wisteria.
And just had fun!
Last year, Taylor was too young to help in the harvesting of GayGay and GaGa's tomatoes. GaGa has started growing his garden for this year. Taylor was very interested in the tiny, baby plants in cups. I think she will prove to be a great little farmer's helper!!! I am looking forward to tons of great pics of that!!

Thanks, Grandaddy for sending me these pictures!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


There are times in our lives that we are unable to see the work that God has been doing until days, months, maybe even years have passed. We are able to see events occurring and opportunities unfolding, but not make the connection with God's plan. For my family, this is not one of those times. God's presence and his plan has never been clearer than it has been the past few weeks, specifically, last week.

After a few weeks of bed rest, Sarah finally made it to March 16, delivery day for my little neice. Just as stubborn as her cousin, Taylor, Baby Langham was sitting in breech position. So, Sarah had a cesarean and Masyn Kristine Langham was delivered at 8:29am measuring in at 7 lbs 4 ozs and 19". She is perfect in every way and, in case you can't tell, looks identical to Braylin AND Jay as a baby. We didn't have quite the crowd in the waiting room this time....just Gammie, PopPop, Poppi, Pops, GaGa, GayGay, Gramp, Lala, DayDay, Pam...Ok, well, it was still a pretty big crowd.
On March 17, my grandmother was given permission by her doctor to be taken from LifeCare down two floors, where she was able to hold Masyn. It was an amazing moment, lots of tears, priceless pictures, and memories that Sarah and Jay will cherish forever, those of Gram brushing Masyn head accross her cheek and giving her kisses.
That evening, Ray stayed home from a dental meeting so I could spend the evening with my family at the hospital. Gram and Grandaddy on the 8th in LifeCare and Sarah and Masyn on the 6th in postpartum. About an hour holding my beautiful baby neice and a few special moments talking movies, wheel of fortune, Baby Masyn, Taylor's antics, and milkshakes with my Gram. Wrapping up both with an I love you and a hug.

On the morning of March 18th, my Gram peacefully went to be with the Lord. It had been a long battle, ten years since she was diagnosed with cancer, multiple treatments, countless procedures, so many medicines. She fought for her life for a decade. Gram was tired. She had been telling us for a week or so that she was ready for the Lord to take her. As hard as it hurts to let her go, we did not want her suffering anymore and are forever grateful for the Lord answering her prayers.

Gram and our family received so many blessings over the past 10 years in the form of the many doctors, nurses, therapists, aides, our church families and friends. My family has been lifting all of them up to the Lord in praise. Each person that came in contact with Gram helped to give us another laugh, another hug, another holiday, another birthday, and so many memories.

I am especially thankful for all the moments that Gram shared with Taylor. So many special memories and pictures. We look forward to many more memories with all of Taylor's grandparents and great-grandparents!!!

GiGi (Gram) had a 'tea party' for the girls at her coffee table. Braylin and Taylor would share cookies and juice. Don't worry Gramp, the girls still want to tea party with you!!
So, after a long week of emotions on high, it is a relief to know that God's hand was in every moment. What a blessing for our family to receive a new member and send a member to heaven all within one week. Masyn, I am sure, will be just a precious and sweet spirited as her sister, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. And Gram will forever be the strongest woman I ever was blessed to know and love.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


There are those moments, as a responsible member of society, an adult, and, of course, as a parent, that you may reminisce over the 'good ole days.' Those chilly nights in college when we would bundle up and sit around a fire pit (or bon fire) drinking a beer, listening to music, and just hanging out with our friends....enjoying the company....ahhhhh, memories.

Upon arriving home this evening, we decided to test out our new fire pit (inherited from Gammie and PopPop). Yes, of course, I know what you are is not even that cold, only 45-50 degrees tonight. But that made it just right. Chilly enough to enjoy the warmth of the fire without breaking a sweat, but warm enough to forgo those layers of coats and scarves.

Taylor was enamored by the beautiful flickering flame. She added the music with her 'oooohhhh's', 'ahhh's' and 'wow's'. And then, it came to me, what better time to introduce Taylor to the scrumptious delight of a Smore!??! So, I rushed to the store, grabbed a box of graham crackers, plump white mallows and a hand full of Hershey bars.

She stood patiently while Daddy held the skewered mallow over the fire, nibbling on snippets of the other ingredients, until that perfect little crust formed around the warm, squishy, yummy-goodness of the marshmallow. Time to assembly and, alas, time for Taylor's first taste....
Ladies and gentleman, we have a Smore Lover!!!
Well, Taylor may have been a bigger fan of the 'deconstructed smore', but that's OK. Between the three of us, the smores were going...
Surprisingly, after eating WAY to much chocolate and smearing marshmallow fluff all over her hands and face, Taylor went right to sleep.

At our little fire pit tonight, there was no Dave Matthew's playing in the background, no whispering/snickering/gossiping by groups of girls, no talks of what happened last night or when the next big party was. Just Taylor, her Mommy, and her Daddy enjoying each others company and some yummy late night snacks...ahhh memories.

(After putting Taylor to bed, Ray and I did enjoy a beer by the fire...)