Sunday, August 30, 2009


We all had one…a little something that offered so much security and comfort when we were young. It may have been a blankie, that had been washed and rewashed to the point were the corners were fraying and the yarns running thin. Or maybe it was a stuffed animal, missing an eye and patches of fur. In a prior post, I mentioned how excited Ray and I were to find his teddy, Chris. We washed Chris, added a little pink bow around his neck, and stuck it on a shelf for Taylor to one day find and fall in love with.

Ever since we found this treasure from Ray’s childhood, I’ve been thinking about my Humpty Dumpty. That’s right, my tiny heart always found a bit more comfort when I had my Humpty Dumpty. Dumpty went EVERYWHERE with me, playgrounds, air shows, bedtime…thank goodness for washing machines! And most often, if I was dragging Humpty Dumpty around by one leg, you could bet I was also sucking on my paci. And so the two become my personal security blanket…Dumpty Paci. I believe, and my mom can confirm this, that I actually went through more than one Humpty Dumpty throughout my toddler years. Poor little guy, the legs would fall off, the tuft of yellow hair on his crown pulled out…and you know what they say, all the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn’t put Humpty together again. So, to even consider that Taylor could inherit my Dumpty was out of the question. I will always remember his blue and white stripe ‘pants’ and his silly egg shaped eyes. Somewhere, I’m sure, my mom has saved the carcass of good ole Humpty Dumpty.

Whenever we go to children’s shops, I find myself looking at all of the stuffed animals. Today, most of the stuffed animals are more commercialized…Dora, Diego, Nemo, Lightening McQueen, etc. Once I was old enough to really reminisce on those things that were so special to me as a child, I began to notice that I never saw Humpty Dumpty propped up on shelves in the store. I began to think the classic nursery rhymes had been squeezed out by animated videos and more enticing plots.

BUT, it appears as though the nursery rhymes that so many of us loved as children, just might be making a comeback. Why do I think so? My mom walked into Lewis Gifts and sitting on the shelf…HUMPTY DUMPTY!! She couldn’t resist, and I can’t blame her. Taylor has her very own, fresh, clean Dumpty with all four appendages and an adorable tuft of yellow hair on his crown. So, although Taylor will not be inheriting my Dumpty, she is receiving her very own, representing something that meant so much to me, so many years ago.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


A few weekends ago, we had a baby shower in Shreveport. It was a blast! Ray and I were amazed at people’s generosity! We never dreamed we (Taylor) would receive so much. We got it all…the needs, the wants, and the oh-so-adorables. As by a miracle, we were able to fit EVERYTHING in Ray’s Jetta. Unloading it all into our humble, little abode was a bit overwhelming. It took over a week, but Ray and I are FINALLY getting our house back in order and the nursery is beginning to look like a nursery again, rather than a storage room. Now we are working on the finishing touches, and then, I promise, pictures!!!

Thank you to the Hostesses (Pam, Susan, Debbie and Janet). The shower was spectacular! And, thank you to all of those who have shared in the excitement of the expectant arrival of our Baby Taylor. Goodness, only 6 more weeks to go!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009


31 Weeks!! Only 9 to go!!! This week, Ray and I started our Childbirth Education Series. I was shocked that there were so many couples in our class!! So many babies are due around the same time as Taylor!! The class was very educational, a little thrilling and, to be honest, a bit terrifying. What are the stages of labor, how will I know if I’m in labor, when do I go to the hospital? So much to think about and remember!

At the end of the class, we went around the room and expressed what this pregnancy means to us. The class was a strong mixture of ages, social classes, and races. So, I was anxious to hear everyone’s thoughts. For the most part, all of us had similar responses…Its our first child…We are starting our family…Its our little miracle baby…The positives went on and on. The very last couple to speak was a bit older than most of us in the class. And for this pair, the husband did the speaking,

“Its our first baby. And, I’m not gonna lie, we are SCARED!”

The entire class roared with laughter, not because his comment was funny. Simply because it was real, it was the most honest answer in the class. Because, lets admit it, as happy as we are about bringing a beautiful baby girl into the world, Ray and I are a bit scared. Sleepless nights, screaming baby, and diaper changes are nothing compared to the big picture. From the moment that Taylor takes her first breath outside of the womb, we are responsible for something so much greater than ourselves. Another life. Raising Taylor will be a roller coaster of emotions, filled with tears of joys, sighs of frustration, and many, many prayers. God has provided us with an amazing gift, and we are so grateful. And although we may not know everything about babies, toddlers, and teenagers, and we are a little nervous, we know our faith, friends, and families will help guide us in the path to being phenomenal parents.