Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My sincerest apologies. I feel that I have let so many of you down! I can only imagine that you feel as though I have abandoned such a special project as documenting our life with Taylor. Almost four months!!! I am so sorry and, goodness, I HOPE I still have a few readers that hold on to what little hope is left and check back frequently for updates. So lets get started...

We had a wonderful Christmas. Santa was very good to Taylor....he left her a new art table and a wagon! And her stocking was full of goodies...pajamas, slippers, bathtub crayons, bubbles, hair bows (more on that later), mittens and a hat (available for show below), backpack, and the list goes on. After Christmas, we returned home to start a new year in our new house!!!!

That's right, we bought a house in South Highlands!! Interestingly enough, it is located directly behind on of Mary's childhood homes! What an amazing feeling, after renting for so many years and EIGHT moves over the past 10 years, to finally own a little piece of land. No kidding....WE HAVE A YARD!!!!With flower beds to keep, trees to trim, and grass to mow!!! Hooray! To be a homeowner!!!
Taylor took a flight in Pop Pop's new plane. He traded in the Cessna for a Lance. So, now we can all ride!!! Taylor wore her headset for all of 5 minutes and then was up and around. She colored, she ate snacks, enjoyed the sights and chatted with the pilot....
We had our first haircut!!! I know, I know, from the picture it looks like our baby girl got a buzz cut. Well, that's actually all the hair she has. What did we cut you ask?
That's right, folks. What started as a skullet, eventually grew into a full grown mullet. It was time for a trim. So, now, at 16 months, we still do not have enough hair for a bow. Maybe in a few more months.
A few weeks after moving in, Shreveport saw snow. Well, ok, sleet/snow. It was beautiful. We took Taylor out to play, but honestly, there wasn't enough to 'play' in.
Thankfully, two weeks later, we had REAL snow. So, again, we bundled up and played in the yard.
Then, we went over to Gammie and Pop Pop's to go sledding with Braylin. Taylor had an absolute blast! We ALL did! Everyone took a ride on the sled. We doubled up. We raced. We rode as couples, mommy's and babies, daddies and babies, gammie's and babies. Taylor's little cheeks were red from the wind, her nose was runny, lip quivering, but her smile stayed strong. It was the best day ever.
Now, I promise you, I will not fail you again. I will keep this blog updated. Taylor is changing with every day, so stay tuned!!!