Saturday, May 30, 2009


So today was the day. Ray and I were just waking up to the a beautiful, sunny Saturday seeping in through the windows. I rolled over on my back, leaving my hand to rest on the bump. As I lay there, making a mental list of everything that I wanted to get done today, I felt 3 tiny kicks. So I placed Ray's hand on my belly. Sure enough, Taylor kicked for her Daddy. He was amazed and I was thrilled that he finally was able to feel what I've been feeling for weeks now.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Ray and I had the opportunity to see our baby girl once more today. We had a high resolution ultrasound to check the anatomy. The doctor said that we had wonderful ultrasound results. Baby Jarvis is just the right size. As far as the ultrasound can show, Baby is physically developing wonderfully. So, with no further ado, may we introduce you to our baby girl… Taylor Lee Jarvis

(I apologize for the images. I captured them from the video we received at the ultrasound, so the quality isn't great. You might be able to make out a profile, a leg, and some arms...)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I’m sure some of you, ok many of you, would characterize me as a tad bit impatient. I’ve been DYING to know the gender of our little baby from the moment we laid eyes on the developing yolk sac.

I’ve been quite proud of myself…I have not even attempted any of the ‘old wives methods’ of gender determination. Although difficult, I have refrained from looking at the Chinese Calendar (although I have heard its prediction from friends/family). I haven’t dangled a pin or my wedding banding by a thread over my fore-arm. And I haven’t examined the veins in my eyeballs (I don’t think I actually understand this one anyway). When people have asked what I want to have, I babble a bit about how I would love to have either, as long as its healthy…we are shooting for 10 fingers and 10 toes.

Our friends and family have definitely made their suggestions as to what it is. We have even had a stranger give his prediction. While at Oak Alley on Mother’s Day, a gentleman felt the need to inform me that I was having a boy, I would carry full term, and we better get to work on Boy names since we don’t have any…it was a little creepy. Was he ‘psychic’? Did he have a 6th sense? That isn’t necessarily a comment you make to a total stranger. Could he be right…?!?!?

Ray and I have been fortunate enough to have numerous ultrasounds. We started attempting to take a peek at the gender back at 14 weeks. Below is an outline of our attempts:

14 WEEKS: Baby had ‘parts’ but not to the point that could be differentiated.

17.5 WEEKS: Baby behaved exactly how you would expect a redhead to behave…STUBBORN! Crossing legs and, then, twisting and flipping everytime we came close to seeing anything.

19 WEEKS: A trip to the ER for a minor fall got me an extra Ultrasound. Unfortunately, when admitted through the ER, the Ultrasound Tech is not allowed to show you the screen or tell you the gender. But…it was mentioned that she took a peek between the legs, and, although crossed, she did not see a penis….could this mean girl!??!

TODAY, 20 WEEKS: Well, according to today’s ultrasound, everything looks great and right on track. Doc took some measurements of the head, abdominal cavity, and bones, and we are still holding a delivery date of October 11. And let it be known….


Friday, May 15, 2009


My week started with the celebration of my first Mother’s Day. Ray treated me (and baby) to breakfast at The Ruby Slipper and then a day trip to Oak Alley Plantation. I had been once in Middle School, but Ray had never been. It was beautiful day for a stroll between the oak trees. We had lunch, enjoyed beverages on the veranda (Ray enjoyed a classic Mint Julep, while I sipped on Lemonade), took pictures, and had a blast watching all of the children run and play.

I’d also like to thank everyone that sent me Mother’s Day Happies. I received cards, texts, a pajama set for the hospital, and jewelry! I also want to give a special shout out to my Gram, who helped to satisfy my craving for lemon drops…I received a bag of Brach’s Lemon Drops in the mail!! They definitely hit the spot. My personal dentist will be sending her the bill, the bag was gone within 3 days! Thanks for all of your thoughts!

I have finally learned the importance of wearing flats during pregnancy. Of course EVERYONE has tried to reiterate the dangers in wearing heels during pregnancy…bad circulation causing varicose and/or spider veins, an increase in swelling in the ankles and feet, the added work to your body. But it took a pair of 3” wedges, a dress, a chair, and my clumsiness to really drive the point home. As many of you know, I have trouble sitting with both feet on the ground. I almost always have them crossed, propped or wrapped up under me (which is a habit in itself that needs breaking). Well, on Wednesday, as I attempted to unwind myself from a seated position in a chair, my wedge become wrapped and stuck in my dress. In my attempt to untangle, I threw myself onto the ground. Luckily, I did not land on my growing bump, I caught myself on my hands and one hip. I felt confident, especially after getting the opinion of the entire Labor & Delivery Unit @ WK Pierremont, that baby was safely protected in its amniotic fluid cushion. But after I started cramping a bit in one side, my doc and I decided it might be best to check everything out, just in case. She was concerned that I may have caused a small tear in the placenta. So, to the hospital I would go. After a couple of hours, it was determined that everything was fine. No bleeding, no apparent tears, a moving baby (with the legs crossed so I couldn’t even sneak a peek), and a strong heart rate of 153! I went straight home and retired my heels (except for special occasions). Besides, flats are totally in right now!

I guess all of the drama on Wednesday woke Baby up. I could feel movement all day on Thursday!! I can hardly wait for Baby to be strong enough to kick where Ray can feel it!!! Guess what guys, keep your fingers crossed…next Thursday just might be the day that Baby will be deemed a He or She!!!

On a side note....Happy Birthday Aunt Sarah!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Mother's Day Gift...

I received an early Mother's Day gift from Baby...

This evening, Ray and I were in the car on the way home from dinner. We were chit chatting about nothing in particular. Then, I was interrupted, mid-sentence, by a tiny little 'thump' from the inside. I was shocked and thrilled. Ray looked at me with a bit of confusion and concern. My face was beaming when I told him what I felt....THE BABY!!! Tonight, the evening before my first Mother's Day, at 18 weeks and 2 days, I felt for the first time the tiny life thriving within my belly. How amazing!! I can't wait to feel it again, and how exciting it will be when the kicks and bumps are strong enough for Ray to feel!

Some of you might be shocked to see how big my belly is getting already!! Here are some pics we took last weekend, but I must admit, its grown a bit in the past week.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We arrived back in NOLA late Sunday night to find a package sitting on our front steps. And inside was something very special, our first book to read to Baby Jarvis!! I’m sure many of you remember reading Goodnight Moon when you were a child. And I’m sure many of you have read it to your children. Well, some dear friends of ours, Nicole and Chris Hill, sent us a copy of Goodnight Nola. It is adorable! Goodnight Nola is a variation on Goodnight Moon, talking about and illustrating all of the things that make ‘The Big Easy’ so special! What an amazing keepsake! As many of you know, Ray and I plan on moving away from New Orleans late next spring after his graduation. So, I am looking forward to reading this special book to our little one and telling him/her all about where their life started.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Everyone is quite amazed that I haven’t begun getting crazy cravings. Oh, I’m sure the cravings will come. It seems inevitable. Before we know it, I’ll be sending Ray on midnight runs all over town.

I did find on a trip to the grocery store this past weekend that the produce section had quite the hold on me. Whole Foods had just sprinkled the produce. I was drawn to the gorgeous colors of the fruits and veggies and the smells were AMAZING. So I stocked up on carrots, apples, grapefruit, corn, and strawberries. I’ve been indulging in these ever since. Nothing beats organic, locally grown produce!

Of course most people don’t consider these as ‘cravings’. Pregnancy Cravings are supposed to be somewhat odd…egg sandwiches with pickles, peanut butter on oranges, maybe even dirt. Or maybe an indulgent you wouldn’t normally allow yourself…cupcakes, M&Ms, strawberry shortcake, thin mints (I must admit I’ve eaten 2 1/2 boxes over the past 3 weeks, but that’s not out of the ordinary for me during ‘girl scout season’).

If I really think about it, maybe I have had a few minor cravings that I can blame on the growing baby and raging hormones…last Wednesday, all I could think about was movie theater popcorn, smothered in butter. So, I drug my hubby to the movie and enjoyed a LARGE bucket or greasy popcorn…HEAVEN. On another afternoon, someone walked into my office with a peppermint in her mouth. I soon as I heard the clacking of the mint against her teeth, I lost all focus and could only think of one thing…LEMON DROPS!! I’ve yet to find a bag of lemon drops here in New Orleans, so this little craving is still festering inside me.

I’d love to hear what other mothers craved during pregnancy. So, if you remember a random something yummy (or not so yummy) that you craved while you were preggers, leave it in the Comments section. Husbands, you may remember your wife’s crazy cravings better than she does…you’re welcome to leave a comment too!