Sunday, April 19, 2009


We spent Easter weekend in Shreveport. With my parents out of town and my sister working in the Labor & Delivery Unit all weekend, we spent most of the weekend resting, relaxing, and, of course, babysitting Braylin!! We kept Braylin all day Friday, and, boy, was it fun!! We learned a few things…

A) It really is possible to sit and stare at a baby for hours on end, even while he or she is sleeping. Looking at that beautiful porcelain face makes it impossible to doubt our God.
B) Burping a baby is an acquired skill. Ray is already a master at this. I, on the other hand, need a bit of practice.
C) Doggies and Babies get along just fine. As long as you allow lots and lots of sniffing.

Baby Jarvis had a nice surprise Easter Sunday morning. My mom and dad left a little treat from the Easter Bunny for their little unborn grandchild. A Chick Basket full of fun little goodies…a itty-bitty baby blanket, a BooBoo Baby Ice Pak, Baby Einstein and more!! No doubt about it, between Baby’s parents and all four grandparents, this child is going to be spoiled!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


So Ray and I made the first of many BIG purchases. We went looking for baby furniture and came home with a travel system!! We had already narrowed down our options and we had just about decided that we would go with a Peg Perego, Pliko P3. When we walked in Baby & Me in Mandeville and saw that the entire Perego collection was on SALE, I figured it was fate. So, we ran the card, signed the receipt, crammed 2 HUGE boxes in the trunk of my car, and headed on back to NOLA.

We (meaning Ray) spent the evening assembling the system. And it was at this point that Buster realized that life in our house will no longer be the same. He spent a good 20 minutes staring at the monstrosity. Then, Buster did everything in his power to get Ray and I to play with him, rather than our new contraption. Once the wheels were in place and the sun shield attached, we decided to test it out. We gave Buster a little ride around the house.

We LOVE it!! Can hardly wait to have little Baby Jarvis placed safely inside!!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Baby and I are just moving right along. We were recently thrilled to receive 2 very special care packages in the mail.

Gammie (my mom) sent Ray and I an adorable picture frame to house our first ultrasound photo in…Love At First Sight.

Aunt Em, Uncle Jeff, and Cousin Jack sent a box full of surprises for the whole family…including a swaddling blanket, books, a maternity tee that I can hardly wait to wear (‘Due in October’), and the coolest item, the Discovery Channel special, ‘In The Womb.’ Ray and I couldn't resist. We immediately popped it in the dvd player. For those of you that have never seen it, WATCH IT ASAP. I keep reading about the size and stage of my baby, but to watch it develop was beyond awesome!!

Thanks for the goodies!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well, late last night, we received some WONDERFUL news!!

In order for Ray to become a licensed dentist, he must pass a board exam, which is broken into 6 sections. The first section is written. Ray took this portion last summer and passed!

The remaining 5 sections include one more written exam, clinic time with real patients and work in a simulation lab. Although most students opt to take all 5 final parts their 4th year, the students are given the option to take parts 2 & 3 (endodontics and fixed prosthodontics) their 3rd year. So, Ray, being our little clinical overachiever, decided to give it a go. He and seven other 3rd year students joined 50+ seniors on a sunny Saturday morning in taking 2 of the 6 most important tests of their lives.

We were told it would take roughly 10 days to get the results. Ray, me, and all 4 parents anxiously waited for the scores to be posted or a letter to arrive. Last night it happened…Ray got a phone call, the scores were up. We pulled up the site and searched frantically on the list for Ray’s secret “candidate number”….click and hold your breath….PASS!!!! HE PASSED!!! HE PASSED!!!

I never doubted that he could do it. I knew he was going to pass, but what a relief to know that its behind him. That’s 2 less things he will have to stress about next year, leaving more time for him to spend with Baby!! I’m so proud of Daddy Ray. 3 tests down, 3 to go!