Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Today was our first day of school!!! After a nice long summer break (maybe a bit too long), Taylor finally returned to her Mother's Day Out program at Broadmoor United Methodist. 

We were so sad not to walk into Ms. Jean and Ms. Connie's classroom (last year's teachers) or Ms. Barbara and Ms. Dawn's classroom (Braylin's teachers from last year which Taylor was quite fond of after they started giving her a sucker every day after nap time). HOWEVER, Taylor walked right in to Ms. Beth and Ms. Kristie's classroom with out a fuss and decided that she liked them just as much!! 

Apparently, she played great with the others (out of 13 kids, only 4 of them had been in Taylor's previous class), ate all of her lunch AND...SHE SLEPT ON A NAP MAT!!!!!!!!!!! Two parts of that previous statement are amazing to her mommy & daddy...

A) she slept on a nap mat, on the floor, she stayed in one place
B) SHE NAPPED....we said bye bye to paci a few weeks ago and napping has been hit or miss in our house

Lets keep our fingers crossed for another great day Thursday!!!

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